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Study trip through Italy

Colegio Inglés de Puebla thought of a country, rich in culture, history, and beauty to take its students to and so when the time came to choose our destination, Italy became that great option in this ocassion.


Students study about the Roman and Byzantine Empires since they are in elementary in 5th and 6th grade through the subject of Social Studies. Teachers along with students take a journey through their social studies book pages to find out what happened in the past in this mindblowing place.


They continue this journey through middle school in History class and finish this travesy in highschool in Connections II.


Music, art, cuisine, history, architecture, mystery, Italy has it all. Our objective was to not walk through the pages but to walk through its streets, try its food, listen to its music, live its history, delight our eyes with its art and architecture and enjoy the wonders that Itlay has to offer any passionate traveler and learner.


Our exciting trip started by taking a flight to Barajas, Madrid and then to Milan. Where we took a tour to the Cathedral and visited the Duomo, Italy´s biggest gothic catedral, and walked through its terraces.  Our journey continued to Venice, passing through Verona, Romeo and Juliet´s city, where we stopped by Piazza Erbe and visited Juliet´s house.


Venice recieved us with a beautiful sunny, but cold, day. Arriving to St. Marco´s square, we could admire mideaval, greek, venician, and byzantine art by visiting the Clock Tower, St. Marco´s Basilica,  Campanille, Ducal Palace, among other places. A tour on a góndola was a unique experience for everyone, observing the city from its canals.


Before arriving to Florence, a quick stop to Padova or Padua, was made where we stop by the Basilica of St. Anthony. Florence, birthplace of Renaissance artists, greeted us very kindly with beautiful architecture and art work. A visit through Piazza di la Signoria, Medici Government Palace, and the statues placed in different points of the city amazed everyone. The oportunity to visit the famous, world-wide known, “David” by Michelangelo and other beautiful work were contemplated at “The Academy”.


The journey continues towards Rome, but not without visiting Asisi, and its beautiful basilica of St. Francis of Asisi, where we could visit the tomb of this saint. Rome awaited silently for us, giving us a beautiful view of its wonders at night time. Fontana di Trevi attracts thousands of tourists, including us. Where we threw our coins in the fountain, hoping to come back to Italy.


The art, magic, wonders, and mysticism within the Sixtine Chapel is yet to be discovered. Everyone walks through the long hallway waiting for that momento to enjoy Michelangelo´s work of art.
Painted between 1508 and 1512, this masterpiece has astonished its visitors from around the world.

Piazza San Pierto and the basilica are breath-taking. Words can´t be used to describe what your eyes can contemplate created by Bernini and Michelangelo. We enjoyed our Italian meal and headed off for a long walk towards the Roman Coliseum and the Arch of Constantine. Both beautiful and majestic, calling the attention of our students. Amazing them and waking their curiosity.


Sad to say but we our last free day was very rainy, however, it didn´t stop us from doing our souvenir and gift shopping through the streets of Rome that last night.


Bags had to be packed and Passports ready for our return to Mexico. We all enjoyed this adventure. Awaiting till next year, to see what the world has to offer us now.


By Teacher Martin Hernández Hernández

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